California Anti-Sexual Harassment Policy

XPEDE is committed to creating and maintaining a community that promotes a safe and respectful experience for all users of our platform. As drivers/couriers, delivery people and/or consumers, your experiences should feel safe, respected, secure, and protected from sexual harassment, sexual misconduct and sexual assault while using the XPEDE app and work environment as a driver/courier, consumer, employee, agent, or anyone relating to the business of XPEDE.

For purposes of this policy and related training materials, “sexual harassment,” shall include sexual assault or sexual misconduct in line with Cal. Bus. & Prof. § 7457(a)(1). XPEDE does not tolerate sexual harassment (sexual assault or sexual misconduct) from anyone. We take all allegations of such behavior involving our users extremely seriously and work to take appropriate action on every report quickly and fairly. XPEDE will seek to prevent and respond appropriately to reported behavior that violates this policy. This may include permanently deactivating (banning) a user account from the XPEDE platform.

All drivers/couriers, consumers, and users of the apps in California are covered by and are expected to comply with this policy and to take appropriate measures to ensure that prohibited conduct does not occur.

Prohibited Conducts

Sexual harassment (sexual assault and sexual misconduct) of any kind, by drivers/couriers, delivery people, customers, or third parties is prohibited while using the XPEDE apps, and in many cases are prohibited by law.

Sexual Misconduct

XPEDE defines sexual misconduct as non-physical conduct (e.g., verbal or staring) of a sexual or romantic nature that is without consent, or has the effect of threatening or intimidating a user against whom such conduct is directed. This includes explicit or non-explicit verbal comments or non-verbal, non-physical acts such as:

  • Staring or leering
  • Asking personal questions (e.g., inquiries about relationship status, sexual orientation, phone number, social media accounts or connections, etc.)
  • Comments about appearance (e.g., derogatory and ‘complimentary’ comments, or comments about someone’s perceived gender identity or expression, etc.)
  • Flirting (e.g., non-verbal, suggestive flirting, becoming physically close to a person in a way they felt was sexual or flirtatious, etc.)
  • Explicit gestures
  • Explicit comments (e.g., epithets, slurs, or jokes; graphic comments, sexually degrading words, or suggestive or obscene messages, etc.)
  • Displaying indecent material (e.g., sexually sugestive objects, pictures, cartoons, posters, watching pornography or other sexual suggestive media, etc.)
  • Indecent photography/video without consent
  • Soliciting a sexual act (e.g., unwanted sexual advances or invitations, offering money in exchange for sex acts, etc.)
  • Indecent exposure (e.g., including riders conducting sext acts during a trip, “mooning”, “flashing”, public urination, etc.)
  • Verbal threat of sexual assault
  • Masturbation

Sexual Assault

XPEDE defines sexual assault as physical or attempted physical conduct that is reported to be sexual in nature and without the consent of the user. XPEDE defines sexual body parts as the mouth, breasts/chest, buttocks, and genitalia. All other body parts are considered non-sexual body parts. Acts of sexual assault include:

  • Attempted touching of a non-sexual body part
  • Attempted kissing of a non-sexual body part
  • Attempted touching of a sexual body part
  • Attempted kissing of a sexual body part
  • Non-consensual touching of a non-sexual body part
  • Non-consensual kissing of a non-sexual body part
  • Attempted non-consensual sexual penetration
  • Non-consensual touching of a sexual body part
  • Non-consensual kissing of a sexual body part
  • Non-consensual sexual penetration

Consensual Sex

XPEDE has a no-sex rule. Sexual contact is prohibited while using the XPEDE apps, including during a delivery, regardless of whether you know the person or they give you their consent. This includes activities such as sexual intercourse, solicitation of sexual intercourse, masturbation, or touching and exposure of sexual body parts. Violation of XPEDE’s no-sex rule, despite consent being properly obtained, may result in permanent deactivation of the participating parties’ accounts.

Improper Post-Delivery Contact

In addition to the above behaviors, contact must end when the delivery or pick up is completed, unless it is to return a lost or wrong envelope/package and with appropriate consent. For example, texting, calling, visiting, following/friending on social media, or trying to visit the user in person after a delivery or pick up has been completed is not allowed. Inappropriate post-trip contact may also result in permanent account deactivation.

How to Report Prohibited Conduct to XPEDE

If something happens while using XPEDE, whether it’s good or bad, we want to hear about it so we can hold users accountable and continue to keep XPEDE a safe and positive experience for all. While prompt reporting is encouraged, XPEDE will receive and review reports of any sexual misconduct and/or sexual assault incidents reported to have occured on our platform, regardless of date, and until the case review is complete. Users in California can submit reports to XPEDE by contacting our support team and Subject Line: “Sexual Harassment Report.”