California Driver/Courier & Affect of Prop 22

As Driver/Courier for XPEDE, you are considered to be a “gig worker,” which means that Proposition 22 affects your earnings and certain injury and/or medical coverage. You will have what is called a “minimum or guaranteed earnings.” During active delivery time in which you are utilizing the XPEDE app, you are guaranteed to be paid at least 120% of the local minimum wage at your pickup location, plus $.30 per mile compensation driven during active delivery time. You will continue to receive 100% of tips and the guaranteed earnings shall not encompass it.

To have a better understanding of minimum/guaranteed earnings, we would like to explain it to you as follows:

For example, let’s say you made one delivery in a week:

  • Minimum wage in the pickup location in California is $14 per hour
  • Active time for the delivery was 30 minutes (or 0.50 hours)
  • Mileage driven for the delivery was 15 miles, and you used your motor vehicle
  • Your minimum earnings at the end of that pay period would be: [(120% x $14) x 0.50] + ($0.30 x 15) = $12.90.
  • If you made more than one delivery, then the calculation above would be used to calculate the minimum/guaranteed earnings you will receive for each delivery

Of course, your tips do not count toward your minimum earnings. If the customer tipped $5 for delivery example above, your total earnings would be $5 + $12.90, or $17.90.