Occupational Accident Insurance (California Prop. 22)

Pursuant to Proposition 22 (“Prop 22”), Delivery Network Companies (“DNC”) are required to provide drivers/couriers access to occupational accident insurance coverage.

Occupational accident insurance usually covers medical expenses, accidental death, disability income, and lost income resulting from injuries suffered while utilizing Xpede’s app to perform the pick up or delivery orders, and it helps to reduce the financial impact on driver/courier and his/her family.

At a minimum, coverage includes:

  • Up to $1,000,000 in accident medical expenses.
  • Disability payments equal to 66% of the driver/courier's average weekly earnings.
  • For the benefit of spouses, children, or other dependents, accidental death insurance for injuries suffered while driving resulting in death.

Please note that all California drivers/couriers with Xpede are automatically enrolled at no extra cost and do not need to pay any premium (subject to the policy terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions). To file a claim or information on Occupational Accidental Insurance, please contact us at support@Xpede.net.