Deactivation Policy (XPEDE Driver/Couriers)

By choosing to be a Driver/Courier for XPEDE, you are not only choosing to take advantage of an opportunity to be your own boss and make meaningful money at your own time, but you are also choosing honor the professional and ethical standard that XPEDE set for its Driver/Courier. By having such standard, you, as a Driver/Courier, will be proud to work with a company that values integrity, morality and professionalism. Likewise, XPEDE and the customers that you served and delivered to will feel the same attribute toward you. XPEDE values the business relationship between us, and for that reason, we do our best to be forthright, transparent and equitable to you. We set forth below some activities that can lead to your account being deactivated from the XPEDE platform and process thereof. If you have additional questions about XPEDE, please go to


At XPEDE, having a safe, friendly and secure community is pivotal to us. Everyone that uses the Xpede platform should feel safe and secure. Drivers/couriers should feel safe when performing deliveries or pick ups, and customers should feel safe and secure when having envelopes or packages deliver or pick up. If you take an act that does not adhere to such principles, it is ground for immediate deactivation of your account.

These demeanors are the followings, which include but are not limited to:

  • Unsafe driving,
  • Violence or inappropriate behavior, including abusive language,
  • Use of alcohol and illegal drugs,
  • Discrimination or harassment (sexual & personal),
  • Disclosing personal information without authorization,
  • Intentional abuse of the platform (i.e. – providing fraudulent or inaccurate information to Xpede, Unauthorized Access or Disrupting the Xpede platform, account, server, etc., Tampering with deliveries or pick ups, Scraping, Manipulating the referrals program or promotions, and/or Infringement on third party rights),
  • Violating the terms of your independent contractor agreement or Xpede’s policy, including terms of use and privacy policy,
  • Failure to comply with the law or use of the platform for any criminal activity,
  • Failure to maintain the required ratings (see Explanation of Driver/Courier Ratings here), and
  • Failure to pass a background check (if applicable).


If your account is deactivated, and you feel that it was unjustly or wrongly deactivated, XPEDE will provide you with an opportunity to have the deactivation review and appeal the decision. The instructions will be provided to you via email in which you can follow to initiate the review process. This review process will apply to deactivations from the XPEDE platform that were based on violations of the Independent Contractor Agreement or Deactivation Policy as set forth above.